Sample Party Bus and Tour Bus Insurance Claims

More Reasons that You need Insurance

Why do small businesses get sued?

There are different types of claims, some are common and some are rare.  In either case, you need to protect yourself and your business.

An example of a common claim is the “slip and fall” claim. A client enters your premises, slips, falls, and gets injured. You are sued for negligence and the injured party is asking for payment for medical bills and time off work.  A claim like this could easily cost over $100,000.  Of course, there is also the cost of legal defense, which can add up quickly.





*Disclaimer: Any sample claim is purely educational.  No information here affords any coverage and a claims adjuster must review each claim.  Consult your specific policy for terms and conditions.

Sample General Liability Claims

Things can happen off the vehicle that can lead to claims.  A classic example is that a person has just entered your business slips and then falls..  The words "slip and fall" seem to go hand in hand with general liability insurance. Since the slip and fall situations...

Commercial Auto Insurance Claims

The most obvious type of claim or a party bus or a tour bus may be an auto accident.  Think of all of the people that could sue you in a claim: The drivers of the other car that you hit could sue you for injuries sustained in an accident The passengers in your vehicle...